All Star Meet


SwimMAC Carolina

9850 Providence Road

Charlotte, NC 28277


Rules: Greater Charlotte Swim League rules of competition apply. See Greater Charlotte Swim league Bylaws 2018 Section IV A through Section IV F for complete eligibility details. Swimmers must have participated in at least two regular season dual meets.

Entries: Entries must be completed using Hy-Tek’s Team Manager format. No handwritten entries will be accepted.

Each swimmer may enter a maximum of 3 individual events and a maximum of 2 relay events, for a total 5 events. Being listed as an alternate for an event counts as an entry for the swimmer. There will be no designated 6 & Under (Shrimp) events.

Teams may enter a maximum of 2 swimmers per event and 1 relay per event (plus alternates).

Seeding: All events will be Timed Finals and seeded by time (not by lane assignment). The events file will convert all times to yards prior to sending in your entries.

Click Here for additional information about the Greater Charlotte Swim League rules and Greater Charlotte Swim League All-Star Meets may be found in the Greater Charlotte Swim League Bylaws.

Please Share These Rules with Swimmers & Parents

All Team Reps are expected to check their team’s entry forms and verify you are following the rules set forth in the bylaws. Don’t make assumptions about how to interpret a rule. If in doubt, ask ahead of time, this could save a lot of problems at the meet. Contact any of the board of directors.

ALL TEAMS MUST HAVE A CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY ON FILE. Your team cannot swim without one. Please send your certificate to GCSLCERTLIABILITY@GMAIL.COM.

Other Helpful Information:

  • All teams must use the Hy-tek format for entries.
  • Coaches will enter relay teams at the same time all other entries are submitted. You may list 4 swimmers per relay and up to 4 alternates.
  • Remember, listing a swimmer as an alternate, counts as an entry.
    For eligibility and entry rules, see GCSL Bylaws, Section IV, all parts A-F and Section VIII, parts E and F. Note: Section VIII D. Paragraph 2 “Changes to All-Star Meet entries should be kept to a minimum, and made at least one-half hour prior to the start of the All-Star Meet.” is interpreted to allow a change after the meet starts to substitute a listed alternate in the event for an injured or sick swimmer.
  • GCSL will provide for you: watches, clipboards, ribbons/medal containers, and the starter.

At The Meet:

  • Coaches and Team Reps need to check in at the Hospitality Room (and/or Computer area) to pick up lane assignments for warm ups and a coaches packet, etc. Problems with the heat sheet need to be addressed with the Meet Management/Computer Operator. To make changes, the swimmer must be listed on the entry form. Team Reps should turn in their Sportsmanship Award vote and any unopened ribbons left over from the dual meets (please the team name and division).
  • All Volunteers need to sign in at the Hospitality Room as they arrive.
  • Meet Seating - Swimmers – Each team will be assigned a designated ‘team area.’ Please look for your team’s name in the deck  area. Try to keep your team in this area. Swimmers may bring seating for on the deck.
  • Meet Seating – Parents – Sit in the area designated for spectators, do not sit with the swim team. There is plenty of bleacher seating for parents/spectators.  Do not bring chairs, unless you would like to sit out in the extended hallway (or outside) between events. Note:  Parents ARE NOT ALLOWED on the pool deck. THIS AREA IS FOR SWIMMERS AND VOLUNTEERS ONLY.  Please make sure your swimmers and families understand this rule.  The swimmer must come off the deck area (and should be dried off, with shoes on) to speak with the parents during the meet.
  • Food/Drink/Heat Sheets/All Star T-shirts will be available for purchase. The concession stand will be open. Please stay in the snack area when eating if possible. Absolutely no glass containers of any kind are allowed. Each team must clean up after themselves. Heat Sheets will be on sale in the lobby, along with GCSL All Star T-shirts.
  • Volunteer Workers – Volunteer assignments will be sent to the team reps along with the event information, prior to the All Star Meets. Ribbon Stickers will set up in the Hospitality Room. They should check in when they arrive, but do not need to begin sticking labels until after the conclusion of the Backstroke events. Runners need to attend the meeting before the meet and report to the starter end of the pool in the computer area. In addition to getting timer sheets and DQ slips to the computer operator, the runners will deliver results and labels to the Hospitality Room and will distribute the cold waters to volunteers, officials and coaches periodically during the meet. Timers should check in when they arrive and attend the meeting 20 minutes prior to the start of the meet. There will be a Timer meeting held approximately 15 minutes before the start of the meet.  Each team should provide stopwatches for their timers - one for Lane Timers and two for Head (backup) Timers. Door Monitors will ensure that only swimmers, coaches and volunteers (with appropriate name tags) are allowed to enter the Deck Area. Team Reps are responsible for verifying their volunteers have checked in. They will need to fill any volunteer position assigned to their team for parents.
  • A brief meeting for workers will be held about 20 minutes prior to the start of the meet. Listen for an announcement.
  • Medal and Ribbons will not be distributed to individual swimmers at the meet. Team reps will pick up their ribbons at the end of the meet after trash has been picked up in their team area. Medals will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes in both individual events and relays. Ribbons will be given for 4th through 8th place.



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